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Shannon K. Butcher / Anna Argent

I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to bring you Morgan’s and Serena’s story, but it’s finally here! Ever since Morgan appeared in the second book of the series (FINDING THE LOST), he’s been begging me to put him in center stage. Everyone thinks they know who he is and what he’s about—your typical ladies’ man with a string of women centuries-long behind him—but like most of my characters, the man has secrets.
Serena, who finally returned to her people after two hundred years of being imprisoned in isolation, has her own problems. She’s completely out of place in the modern world, but determined to find a life for herself outside of the safety of the Sentinels’ stronghold. But what neither she nor Morgan know is that the two of them are tied together by fate in a way that can’t be denied, no matter how much they try to fight it.
As The Sentinel Wars series draws closer to the end, the stakes continue to rise. The enemy is stronger than ever before, and if Morgan and Serena can’t figure out a way to take their rightful place in the war, all they hold dear could be lost.

For me, each book is bittersweet because as much as I love dwelling in this world with these characters, it means I’m closer to the end. I hope you’ll enjoy the latest installment in The Sentinel Wars as much as I did.


Saving Daylight arrives October 15, 2019

I’m excited to bring you the newest book in THE SENTINEL WARS series,
SAVING DAYLIGHT. It’s available now for preorder!

SAVING DAYLIGHT is book #11 set in this world, and it was so exciting to write Morgan’s and Serena’s story.

Check out the book’s synopsis below…

After being locked away in isolation for two-hundred years, Serena Brinn returns home to find nothing left of her old life. Many of her loved ones are dead. Life has moved on without her. Even her betrothed is now bound irrevocably to another woman.

In an effort to create a new life for herself, she leaves the safety of her home and sets out alone. But the world has changed. Customs are different. Technology has advanced beyond her comprehension. Even the tide of war has shifted. Their ancient enemy, the Synestryn, are winning. She is needed in battle, but is it worth losing her freedom?

Morgan Valens, charmer of women everywhere, has been tasked with bringing home the willful beauty, Serena, no matter what it takes. More than one man has tried and all have failed. He will not.

What Morgan doesn’t expect is the swift, intense desire he feels for Serena or the buried memories those feelings unearth.

When an ominous prediction warns them of a new threat to their people, Serena and Morgan must find a way to overcome their past and work together. Because if they fail, not only will they lose each other, their people will lose the safety found in daylight, forever….

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As we move into the final days of Summer and step towards Fall, I hope you made tons of beach memories, pet all the animals, read all the books and enjoyed every single sun filled day.

I can’t wait for crisp air, cozy sweaters and snuggling up with a good book Season to start!
Happy Reading!

Anna Argent/Shannon K. Butcher

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