The next installment of the Sentinel Wars is now available

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(From Shannon’s October 2018 Newsletter)

Book 9.5 is now available in the anthology The Secret She Keeps. Shadow of Truth is a long novella/short novel featuring the Theronai Garet and his socially awkward mate Winni. I had such a great time writing these two characters that they’re definitely going to be showing up again. Their story is a fun, fast read that will get you ready for Blood Bond, coming October 23. As an added bonus, there are three other fantastic stories in the anthology to help you find your new favorite author!

Here’s a teaser from Shadow of Truth:

Chapter One

The imaginary friend Winnifred Archer had summoned when she was four years old was a stone cold badass, and the guy standing in line for coffee looked just like him… [Read more…]

Blood Bond is out in 18 days!

It’s been a long wait for book 10 of The Sentinel Wars, but it’s almost here. Justice and Ronan have been waiting patiently for their story, and I really couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out. I hope you agree that Blood Bond was worth the wait.

Here’s a taste of what’s to come:

Chapter One

Justice had encountered a wide variety of scumbags in her line of work, but this kind was her least favorite—entitled, arrogant, self-important assholes who thought they should have whatever they wanted simply because they could afford it. They didn’t care who they hurt so long as the object of their desire was in their greedy, little hands.

A walking case of ‘roid rage in a suit escorted her past the nurses’ desk, down a bland, beige hallway back to the waiting room.

While a vacant doctors’ office wasn’t exactly the normal meeting spot for black market dealings, the setup did offer some benefits. The place was a rats’ nest of turning hallways and small rooms. Only the thugs working for Chester Gale knew which room their boss was in, forcing any would-be attackers to check behind door after door for the right one.

Justice could have turned around and gone back to exam room six where she’d met him moments ago, but her guess was the man in charge had already moved from one whack-a-mole hole to the next, just in case. That’s what she would have done if she had a pile of people looking to kill her.

Too bad she wasn’t one of the would-be assassins.

At least not today. If she’d been here to kill the black-market crime boss, God, karma, the fates, or whoever the hell controlled her, would have already forced her to take him down, armed or not. That the entitled asshole still breathed was proof that she still needed the link to dark dealings his scumbag ways could provide… [Read more…]

The last hint is…

On October 23, the secret I’ve been keeping for years will be revealed inside the pages of Blood Bond (between chapters 9 and 10, to be exact). So far, no one has guessed what I’ve been hiding, but I hope you will all be pleasantly surprised. Here’s your final hint: I haven’t been idle these last few years. I’ve been working hard. Everything you need to know to guess what I’ve been doing is inside the pages of The Secret She Keeps.

My first public appearance in 5 years is just around the corner!

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be attending Readers & ‘ritas in Dallas in just a few weeks. I’ve been to this event before, and let me tell you, it’s like one long party filled with more books than you can stand. For hardcore readers, it’s the ultimate weekend getaway! Get all the details.

Happy reading and best wishes!


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