As the Next Sentinel Wars Approaches…

Thank you all so much for expressing your excitement and enthusiasm for more stories in the Sentinel Wars series. I can safely say that I’m as excited as you are about the upcoming releases and am hard at work on book 10.

Many of you have mentioned that you’re going back to reread the previous books in the Sentinel Wars series so that everything is fresh in your minds for the fall. Because of that, I thought now might be a good time to list the reading order for easy reference.

    • Burning Alive
    • Finding the Lost
    • Running Scared
    • On the Hunt (my story in the anthology is titled “The Collector”)
    • Blood Hunt
    • Bound by Vengeance (a Penguin eSpecial)
    • Dying Wish
    • Falling Blind
    • Willing Sacrifice
    • Binding Ties

My Secret

In the last newsletter I told you that I had a secret I’ve been keeping for a few years, and that I’ll reveal what it is this fall. I promised to provide you with hints along the way, so as promised, here is your first hint: Those of you who have seen me speak in person at conventions and book signings may have heard me say that I have only one regret in my writing career. My secret fixes that mistake.

Thanks again for being such loyal fans! I couldn’t do it without you.

Happy reading!
Shannon K. Butcher

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